Cook As If You Were Home


Tapas in Madrid are great but sometimes, when you are travelling, you also need to put on your apron and cook.

Because you like cooking and you feel like surprising other guests; because the budget of your trip does not allow you to always eat out or, simply, because you fancy a moment of relaxation in the hostel..

n 2060 we have a fully equipped kitchen where you will find everything you need, as if you were at home. With unique views, our kitchen overlooks an interior garden, where vegetation grows freely.
Inside our cabinets you will find pots and pans. In the drawers, there are cutlery, scissors and, of course, a corkscrew to celebrate the end of the world with a glass of wine! There are also dishes, bowls, cups, glasses and other utensils.

We even have seasoning and spices, so that your dishes do not lack flavor. All you need are the ingredients! Whether fresh or frozen, you can store all your food and products in our refrigerators. The only condition is that they are properly labeled, to avoid confusion.

Our kitchen is open for you and your friends all day long. We only ask you to turn the extractor on to prevent the smoke from spreading; to recycle correctly and, when finished, to leave everything as you found it so that other guests can also cook at ease.

In addition, every morning from 8 to 10, we invite you to coffee, tea and churros the most typical Madrid breakfast, in our kitchen; so, you can start off the day on the right foot and fully live it… as if it were the last!