In our FAQS you will find everything you need to know about your accommodation in Madrid. From how to get to recommendations for getting around the city. We are waiting!

There are many ways to reach 2060, some faster than others. But for all of them, estimate between 35 and 60 minutes.

Be careful with traffic early in the morning and late in the afternoon. Let’s go..

Barajas Airport

It takes you about 50 minutos and costs €5. You’ll need to change lines twice. First take Line 8 (PINK) towards Nuevos Ministerios until the end of the line (Nuevos Ministerios station). There you’ll need to take Line 10 (BLUE) towards Puerta del Sur, until Tribunal station. At Tribunal, you’ll need to change to Line 1 (LIGHT BLUE) and take the metro towards Veldacarros, until the station of Tirso de Molina. And that’s all!

Once in Tirso de Molina, you’ll need to walk around two minutes. First take the street of Jesús y Maria or San Pedro Mártir. They both cross with calle Cabeza. 2060 can be found at number 11.

b) Cercanías train (Only from Terminal 4-airport)

Cercanías is the regional train network that at the moment connects the city with only Terminal 4 from the airport.
Take line C1 to the Atocha Renfe station and from there, follow the directions to reach the hostel from the station Atocha Renfe (scroll down for the directions). It takes sround 25 minutes and costs approximately €2 (plus around €1,5 for the metro). The cercanías trains run between 5:59 a.m. and 23:45 p.m.

The trip takes around 45 minutes and the price is €5/person. The buses run every 15 minutes during the day and, at night, every 30. Take the Línea Exprés Aeropuerto (the only yellow bus) to go from the airport to 2060 or viceversa. During the day, the bus will leave you at the station of Atocha and there, you should take the metro until the hostel (you can find the directions below). The night service will leave you at Plaza de Cibeles and, from there, the best way to reach the hostel is to take a taxi that will cost you approximately €7.

d) Taxi

The journey by taxi takes around 30 minutes and costs you €30. The journey has a fixed, stipulated price, so you can never be charged for more. The price includes up to four people with luggage.

Estación de tren Madrid - Puerta de Atocha

Coge la Línea 1 (CELESTE) en dirección Valdecarros, hasta la estación Tirso de Molina. Tardarás unos 30 minutos y el coste aproximado es de 1,8 €. Una vez allí, busca la salida indicada y camina unos 2 minutos. Bien por la calle Jesús y María o por la calle San Pedro Mártir. Ambas cortan con la calle Cabeza. 2060 se encuentra en Calle Cabeza número 11.

d) Taxi

Tarda unos 20 minutos y cuesta aproximadamente 15 €.

Bus station Avenida de América

a) Metro

The journey takes about 20 minutes and the cost of the ticket is around €1,8. Take Line 6 (GREY) until the station of Cuatro Caminos. Switch to Line 1 (LIGHT BLUE) to Tirso de Molina. Once at Tirso de Molina, find the indicated exit and walk about 2 minutes – you can take either calle Jesús y María or San Pedro Mártir. Both of them cross with calle Cabeza. 2060 can be found at number 11.

d) Taxi

The journey by taxi takes about 25 minutes and costs around €15.

Bus station Méndez Álvaro

The journey takes 20 minutes and costs around €1,8. Take Line 6 (GREY) to the station of Cuatro Caminos. There, switch to Line 1 (LIGHT BLUE) to the station of Tirso de Molina. Once there, find the indicated exit and walk about 2 minutes – you can either take calle Jesús y María or San Pedro Mártir, both of them cross with calle Cabeza. 2060 can be found at number 11.

d) Taxi

The journey takes about 25 minutes and costs around €15.

You can check-in from 15:00 on. Our recepcionists are at your disposal 24 hours a day to help you.

So you don’t need to waste time waiting on the streets (unless you want to).

If you arrive before 3PM, you can leave your luggage in our luggage room for free.. and go discover Madrid. Time is money!

Of course. Late check-out has a small additional cost of €5 in shared dorms and €15 in private rooms. With late check-out, you can stay in the room until 2PM.

Of course! We have a free storage service that allows you to leave your luggage until 8pm the day of your depature. We want you to make the most out of your stay in Madrid until the last moment! And yes, you can also use our common spaces and bathrooms until 20:00.

We provide you with the bed sheets – you can bring the towels and the lock. Although, in case you prefer to travel lighter, you can rent a towel for €3. If you forget your locker, don’t worry: you can buy one at the reception.

We don’t serve breakfast. However, every morning at 8 until gone, we offer you coffee or tea with churros… On the house. We are friendly like that. If you prefer another type of breakfast, the staff at the reception will be happy to recommend you some coffee shops.

Of course. If you have any special requests or in case you need any type of help, contact us directly.

We have a complete kitchen for you to prepare your delicious meals. If the world is going to end, let it find us with a full stomach and a content heart!

Yes. We offer a laundry auto service at the hostel. The washing costs €4 and drying €3.

We’ll explain it all to you in the section of Reservation and cancellation policy*.

Of course. And the best is that a member of our group will help you with the process, to speed it up. For more information, call us or write us an e-mail to groups@2060hostelandmarket.com.

Yes, we have a garage at the hostel. As the hostel is located in an area of restricted traffic, it is very important that you contact us so we can go through the authorization process. For more information about the prices, contact our team.

As we are situated in the centre of the city, you can go walking to most of the interesting places. Also, by bike. In fact, you can rent one of our bikes and join us in discovering Madrid on different tours on wheels. If you need to go farther, the best way is to use the metro and the buses during the day. During the night, it’s best to take a taxi, but the metro also runs until 1:30 a.m. and once the metro closes, there are night buses. The good news is that the taxis in Madrid are one of the cheapest ones in Europe.